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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nerf: Not Just for Kids

So I turned 22 on Thursday; not that big of a deal, just another year down. However, I did receive 50 dollars, among other things. It began burning a hole in my pocket as soon as I got it. For awhile my brother, aka Xann Black, and his friend Wolfwood have been collecting Nerf weaponry; well I have been feeling a little left out so I decided to get me a couple. If you have never purchased one, Nerf guns are not exactly cheap, nor is the ammo for them. So Thursday night Wolfwood, my friend RygarClone, and I went to our resident toy surplus store looking to acquire some orange dart projectile weaponry. We were very successful in our endeavor, and I purchased a Stampede and a Long Strike along with 45 extra darts.

The Stampede is a fully automatic heavy machine gun that comes with a detachable riot shield, 3 18-round magazines, and 60 darts. It also takes 6- D cell batteries.

The Long Strike is a bolt-action sniper rifle that comes with a detachable long barrel; removing the barrel transforms it into the equivalent of a snub-nose grenade launcher. Ammo is 2 6-round clips. Another cool feature is that the stock has slots in the butt of the rifle for holding 2 spare 6-round mags.

However, that was just the beginning. Over the next two days I also acquired two more guns, a Recon and an Alpha Trooper. Along with 70 more darts, of course.

The Recon is a single shot magazine-fed assault rifle with an over-the-top-hand-cocked action. It comes with a detachable stock, front barrel, range sight, and red dot/flashlight. When the stock and barrel are removed, it turns into an easily concealed handgun. It comes with a 6-round mag, with a slot in the stock to hold a spare mag.

The Alpha Trooper is by far the most accurate; it is a pump action single shot assault rifle that comes with a 6 round mag. It is compatible with the stock from the Recon, which adds stability.
That is the greatest part about Nerf N-Strike: most of the accessories and mags are compatible with other weaponry.

I will gather my brothers and converse on the subject, and we will bring you the specs on what we believe are the best setups.

BTW- 50 dollars did NOT get me all this. Estimated sum is between 150-200 dollars.

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