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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fallout: New Vegas- "Dead Money"

The first DLC pack is out for New Vegas. It is tittled "Dead Money", and justly done. After downloading the DLC you start your game and receive a message stating that you are receiving a radio signal from out in the wastes. If you have the "Explorer" perk it is the Brotherhood of Steel hidden bunker. The radio signal states that there is the grand opening of a new casino; named the Sierra Madre. Upon entering the bunker you are drawn to a radio down a long hallway. If you can resist the temptation to go running for it there will be a doorway on your left that you might want to explore first.

Now you head for the radio and there is a sudden release of gas and you are knocked unconscious. You awake to find yourself stripped of everything except for a jumpsuit and bomb collar. Yes, i said BOMB!!! You are greeted by a hologram of Father Elijah. (Important) He has a mission he needs you to complete, and yes he is controlling your collar. It is a great story line and full of new enemies and dangers.

The biggest pain is that there are very few projectile weapons and even less ammo for them. A cool edition however are vending machines in which you trade chips, found through out the area, for supplies such as ammo and stimpaks.

The new enemy models are the Ghost people they're extremely tough and hard to kill at first. There also other dangers such as the fact that about half the area is covered in this poisonous mist, combined with the fact that your BOMB collar is an old form of technology that reacts to radio signals. There are speakers throughout the maps some can be destroyed, represented with a blue light, others cannot, represented with a red light.

The DLC also brings a higher level cap with it raising the cap from level 30 to level 35.

Be careful there are many riches lien in wait in the Sierra Madre but also many dangers. Check your corners and try not to be to greedy, and you might just get out of this with your head.

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