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Friday, January 12, 2018

Table of Contents: “Collected Fiction Volume 3 (1931-1936)"

Welcome back, all of you who dare continue this journey with me. I hope your week has brought you as many joys as mine. In a very Lovecraftian fashion, a certain tide rose, an old and powerful force which swept away all those foolish enough to be caught in its path. People cavorted in the streets like madmen, and gave way to their base desires and instincts. I joined hundreds of my fellows in offering up our pay for robes and tunics stitched with strange runes, chief among them the primary letter of the alphabet, stylized in a most curious manner. Now the frenetic bliss is ebbing, as it always does, and we shall have a period of calm until next year’s season of festivals begins.

Friday, January 5, 2018

"If I Am Mad, It Is Mercy!" : My Lovecraft Collection (Part Two)

As I write these, I sometimes like to imagine what my readers will think as they read them. For instance, I imagine right now most of you are going “Wait a second, didn’t I already see a picture of that shelf, and read a post about his Lovecraft collection?” The answer to that question is yes, I did already show you a similar picture, and write a post that was very similar in theme and format to this one. The answer is also no, because this post in front of you is about books I have which are related to Lovecraft, but weren’t written by the man himself.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Table of Contents: “Collected Fiction Volume 2 (1926-1930)"

As promised, this post will continue our journey through the contents of each of the four volumes in Joshi’s new editions, with a brief synopsis from me regarding the tales which I’ve read so far. You’ll notice that the list is significantly shorter this time around – this volume only contains thirteen stories – but they are also quite a bit longer. I’ve also read a larger percentage of them, thanks mostly to the shortened list of contents, but also because we’re getting the real meat of Lovecraft at this point.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Table of Contents: “Collected Fiction Volume 1 (1905-1925)”

The stars have aligned, but rather than creating the correct conditions for Cthulhu to rise from his slumber, the end result is that I’m actually following through on writing yet another Lovecraft post. Your excitement over this development may vary; it’s possible that you were looking forward to being driven mad by the sight of a being the size of a mountain striding out of the sea. If so, apologies, and I hope my little blog post can provide you at least a taste of cosmic horror until the day when the one who is dead but dreaming awakens.

Friday, December 22, 2017

“I Couldn't Live a Week Without a Private Library" : My Lovecraft Collection (Part One)

In my first Lovecraft post, I wrote about the several occasions on which I have sought to expand my collection of his works, despite it flying in the face of all practical considerations. I gave my reasons and rationalizations for the purchases, but as any collector can attest, there is one answer as to why I bought those books: Because I did not yet own them. I’ve found that people, even those of the “nerdy” persuasion we so often associate with collecting things, fall into two categories on the subject. There are those who immediately understand my sentiment above, and those to whom it is a foreign concept. Folks in the latter group might be able to understand that drive in theory, but you can usually tell after just a few moments’ discussion on the matter that they don’t feel that same pull as a collector.