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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Xann Black Plays... Prey Night 3

After fiddling with the glitch for a bit longer - and possibly getting closer to a solution! - I wrap up my time in the Hardware Labs and head back to the Talos-1 Lobby... 

Xann Black Plays... Prey Night 2

I continue my trek through the Hardware Labs of Talos-1, and discover some excellent gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, I also discover a glitch which could have frustrating consequences for a later quest.

TL;DR - You can skip the last thirty minutes unless you really enjoy watching glitches drive a streamer mad.

Monday, May 8, 2017

To Play or Not To Play - A Discussion on How to Approach Game Criticism & Analysis

As some of you may have noticed, I've been posting several game streams over the past few weeks; I'm not 100% certain where that will go yet, but the short version is I am trying to find a way to finally get rolling with turning my love of games into something more substantial. I was having a conversation with my friend Bryant (who has many blog exploits) about streaming, and he asked me what my potentially increased time gaming meant for my writing efforts. Below is the conversation which followed, in which he tried to help me get a handle on how one might approach examining games as a unique storytelling medium.

*Spoiler Alert: Mild spoilers for the opening of the new Prey reboot.*

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Xann Black Plays... DOOM, Level 3: Foundry (Meltdown)

After foolishly playing the first two levels without streaming - which is basically like not even playing them at all! - I bring you my in-progress playthrough of the 2016 DOOM reboot.

Xann Black Plays... Resident Evil 5, Part 2

After narrowly escaping from angry villagers - and one giant man trying to axe us all the questions - JS Wolfwood and I try and remember just what the Hell this game is about.

Xann Black Plays... Resident Evil 5, Part 1

JS Wolfwood and I roll back the clock eight years to 2009, and try our hand at guiding Chris and Sheva through the newest outbreak. Do all fruit piles conceal grenades? Watch to find out!

Xann Black Plays... Prey Night 1, Part 2

After a brief technical hiccough, I return to continue exploring the Talos-1 station. Little did I know that lurking in the Twitch chat was something even worse than a mimic...

It was a troll. Who said I was too old for games and called me a pedophile. Spoiler alert.

Xann Black Plays... Prey Night 1, Part 1

After being surprised by the demo, I decided to pick up the new Prey reboot from Arkane Studios, the team behind the Dishonored franchise. Watch me dive into the opening section! Along the way, I learn about life, chair love, and giving flowers to tentacle monsters.