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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nerf- Not just For Kids- Update

I know its been awhile since I promised you more to come, but I've been busy building my arsenal. I have come across a wonderful discovery. In our home town we have a couple of stores not unlike a thrift store that has highly reduce prices. These stores will remain unnamed, we will refer to them as Clean Sweeps; mainly because that is what i do when i go there for Nerf weaponry i clean them out. I doesn't matter if i already have it the prices are to go to pass up. I can get a Vulcan or Stampede, retail price- $40-$50, for $12-$15. So here is an update of my collection.

N-Strike Weaponry


1- Secret Strike- This is a tiny pump up dart blaster that hangs on your key ring that fires 1 dart and comes with 1 reload. Loaded with orange black tipped whistle darts.

1- Dart Tag Blaster- This is a small single shot with front to back over-the-top cocking mechanism and 5 reloads. Loaded with orange velcro tipped darts.

2- Nite Finders- These are a medium single shot with a fingertip pull back spring system cocking mechanism, an under slung bulls eye red dot and 2 reloads. Loaded with orange black tipped whistle darts.

4- Mavericks- These are a large 6 shot revolver with front to back over-the-top cocking mechanism. Loaded with 6 orange purple tipped suction darts.


1- Rapid Fire Raider- This is a front to back pump action shotgun with a removable and collapsible stock and a 35 round drum. Loaded with 35 regular orange Nerf darts. The cool thing about this gun is its alternate fire, if you hold the trigger it will fire darts as you pump.

Assault Rifles-

4- Recons- These are short action assault rifles with an over-the-top cocking mechanism, removable barrels, stocks, iron sights, under slung red dots/flashlights, and a 6-round magazine. Loaded with 6 regular orange Nerf darts.

2- Alpha Troopers- These are long action assault rifles with a forward under slung cocking mechanism and an 18 round drum. Loaded with 18 regular orange Nerf darts.

Sniper Rifles-

3- Long Strikes- These are bolt action rifles with removable barrels and iron sights and 3- 6 round magazines. Loaded with 18 regular orange Nerf darts. A cool ability of these are 2 slots in the stock to hold extra mags.

1- Long Shot- This is 2 guns in 1. The first is a bolt action rifle with a deployable bi-pod, removable scope, and 2- 6 round magazines. Loaded with 12 regular orange Nerf darts The second acts as a detachable barrel that has an under slung pump action and is single fire. Also as with the Long Strike the Long Shot has a slot in the stock to hold 1 extra mag.

Heavy Machine guns-

2- Stampedes- These are fully automatic machine guns capable of firing 4-5 darts a second. They come standard with 3-18 round magazines and 1-6 round mag. Loaded with 60 regular orange Nerf darts. Now to why I said comes standard is that we've come to believe it works best with the 35 round drum from the raider.

5- Vulcans- YES, I said 5. These are fully automatic chain guns with an alternate bolt action single fire feature. These come with 25 round chain belts. Loaded with 25 black tipped whistle darts. However, we have successfully connected 3 of Mr. Wolfwoods together to form a 70 round chain. (We lost a few links in the process)

Well I am thoroughly pleased with my progress, and we are currently in the planning stages of a Nerf War. Ill keep you posted on the progress of my collection and will soon bring you details of our collective force.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Let me be blunt, this years commercials Sucked.

Now for some positive things.

The trailers for "Thor", "Captain America", "Super 8", and "Kung Fu Panda 2 :The Kaboom Of Doom" ruled,

and if I didn't know better I would be excited about "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" (who the Frakking Hell got to name that movie).

But the snickers commercial wasn't funny. Lets face it people Rosanne Barr hasn't been funny in years and compared to last years "You're playing like Betty White" add this one was stupid.

Now lets talk about "Social Living" what am I supposed to take away from this that if I go to this site I will become a cross dresser Wtf (Why The Face).

Or would you rather discuss the Eminem Brisk Ice Tea fiasco. this is a talented artist with a decent product. really we are going to waste him on Claymation.

Now due to some excellent bean dip I missed the Best Buy add starring The Prince of Darkness Himself Ozzy Ozbourne and that Canadian Douche Justin Bieber so there is nothing to say there.

to rap this up why didn't AMC have an ass kicking Mad Men Season 5 commercial, or a new Old Spice Add, or what about a commercial announcing the cover of Madden 2012. The Add Men of 2012 had better kick it up a notch or else.

P.S. I like Old music so maybe this is just me, but really The Black Eyed Peas was what we went with. Now yes The Who weren't any better last year, but to sing a cover of a Guns & Roses song that's just to far Will i Am.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Epic Goes Below-the-Belt on High-Brow Ads

Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal, Shadow Complex) has really stepped their game up (!*&@ puns) in their ad campaign for the upcoming Bulletstorm. Follow the links for more:

Grayson Believes

Duty Calls

Now that you've seen for yourself - and if you're on of those people who reads on without looking at the links, shame-shame - let me establish some points of reference:

Halo 3: Believe

Call of Duty

This shameless mockery is also a great experiment in irony, since Epic themselves are know for the uber-pretentious "no sound effects with a sad song or some poetry in the background" Gears of War ads. Still, if this spot-on sense of satire carries over as well within the full game, it might be worth the money for comic value alone.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's Next?

For everyone that has ever followed the genealogy of gaming, I believe we're all asking the same question. What is next? I think the majority of us can agree that the XBOX 360 is leading the new revolution of gaming with the new XBOX Slim and the Kinect. However, these are not perfect, but very close. With the every now and then server issue and needed update. You can pretty much guarantee a smooth and enjoying environment. (except for the random 10 year old who needs a good slap)

XBOX Live has united the gaming community in a way that was only imagined by older systems. You can instantly connect and play with people on the other side of the world. It has been a savior for some soldiers away from home. Gaming use to be lonely entertainment, unless you had a few friends or a siblings, shout out to big bro Xann Black. Now as long as you don't act like an idiot you could make hundreds of friends. What I am looking forward to next is an increase in the friends list. Currently you are only allowed 99 friends on your friends list. I would not mind seeing it increased to 200.

As far as gaming I would like to see a step forward in virtual reality. A head set that you actually wear so that you actually have to look around for enemies and objectives. The only problem i see with this would be the dangers of eye damage from prolonged exposure.

I agree with Xann Black, that Microsoft will most likely be the first to make the next move in which ever direction they choose. Here's to the future.