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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Batman casting news

So I have been hearing a lot of whining from people about Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in Chris Nolan's 3rd batman film, and I am annoyed to no end by this.

I was working at a movie theatre when "Batman Begins" opened,\; I had no idea who Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale were, and my last memory of a Batman film was "Batman and Robin" (shivers). Eventually I was convinced to see it, and I was amazed. This was Batman like never before; yes the basic canon was the same, but who he was how he got there was new, fresh, and real. Christian Bale took the part and made it his own.

Next up from Chris was "The Prestige," starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Haven't seen it? No problem, no one did, but it is an amazing movie with all kinds of messed up moral and psychological ramifications.

Then came "The Dark Knight," and rumors flooded the Internet like scum through the streets of Gotham.

BaTmAnFaN82: Talia will be in the film played by Rachel Weisz
XXjokerXX: it will be the joker
Whatthehail: your all stupid

And on it went until Heath Ledger was cast, then there was more whining.

BaTmAnFaN82: Not the gay cowboy
XXjokerXX: Not the dude from "A knights tale"
Whatthehail: your all stupid

Even I was worried, but the the film came out and everyone was overjoyed. The Joker was portrayed like never before; yes his basic canon was again the same, but now Heath owned the role.

Soon after Dark Knight, the Internet was abuzz again.

BaTmAnFaN82: Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the joker
XXjokerXX: no it will be
Mark Hamill
Whatthehail: says your all stupid

But a Batman film was not Nolan's next project; instead we got "Inception," a masterpiece that, mark my words, will go almost completely awards-less this Oscar season. And so the rumors started again.

BaTmAnFaN82: Tom Hardy will play Hugo Strange
XXjokerXX: they should make up a villain
Whatthehail: Your all stupid

Now back to the point at hand: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. I will not lie, my first thought at this news was "Yes! I get to see Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman costume." My second thought was "If Chris thinks this will work, then I cannot wait to see this on the big screen." I am sure that she will be Catwoman in the most important ways, but for the larger part she will be her own character: fresh, and new, and real.

So to close this post, what I am saying is that Chris Nolan has not given us any reason not to trust him, so let's just see what happens.