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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Over Encumbered : New Job Board Quests! Part Two

Welcome to Bla- Oh. It's you. Didn't you get some rest already? Looking to buy some items then? Engage in small talk? The job board… You want to look at more quests? Well, I mean, I guess anyone can technically take whatever's up there. Your plate seems a little full already, but hey, if it weren't for guys like you, I'd be out of my livelihood.

Inactive Quest: Dragon's Dogma

Remember that folk tale "Dragonheart"? It's like that, but without Professor Lupin as an entitled little shit of a prince, and the dragon isn't James Bond and might be the bad guy. You'll also have companions for most of this quest, one created by you, and two others created by either your friends or random people you'll never meet. There's going to be a lot of you walking to a place to get a thing, but also a lot of you jumping on a flaming griffin and stabbing it as it tries to fly off.
Status: Eagerly Ventured at less than 25%.
Last Known Whereabouts: Going to search the woods for either your girlfriend or your sister.

Inactive Quest: Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

This one has something to do with you being unbound from Fate - or maybe the embodiment of Fate? - but good luck keeping up with the story after your seventeenth side quest between plot points. The sheer amount of land to cover is also fairly staggering, although each region has a definite feel to it. This land also offers arguably the most pure fun in terms of murdering things, and all of your gear looks like something from an awesome notice for a death-metal bard's performance.
Status: Meagerly Explored at around 25%.
Last Known Whereabouts: Absolutely no idea, but it may not actually matter in the long run.

Inactive Quest: Skyrim

Dragons! Surprisingly enough, this realm is way more about dragons than any of the four with the word "dragon" in their name. You'll kill dragons, befriend dragons, learn dragon speech; Nine Hells, you're part dragon in this world. Dragons aside, you can also do cursed near everything else you might want: get married, renovate a house, learn to cook, write some songs. The list goes on! Also, at some point, you can eventually go into tombs and kill undead Vikings as part of every task assigned to you.
Status: Genuinely Weary at around 25%.
Last Known Whereabouts: Either fighting a dragon or in a tomb killing undead Vikings.

Inactive Quest: Witcher 2

Enjoy crafting a unique avatar and molding them to your own fighting style? There are seven other quests on the list. In this land, you're Geralt, and he's a Witcher, and people think you murdered the king. To be fair, though, where you take things from there is almost completely up to you: your choice to ignore a side quest or be nice to a passerby can alter the entire course of the future. Plus, you're a mutant of sorts, making this the only game on the list where you can pretend to be a long-lost member of the X-Men.
Status: Barely Trodden at less than 25%.
Last Known Whereabouts: Entered the very first real town badly in need of a sword.

Alright lad, those are genuinely all that's left. It's not every day someone comes in here looking for a chosen one to save an entire plane of existence, let alone that one soft-headed vagab- ahem, one adventure-seeking stalwart of humanity such as yourself wanders in and decides to undertake eight such tasks. The associated texts alone are likely to reduce your movement speed and stamina regeneration by half! Sorry, little wandering-hero humor there. You know, I used to be an adventurer myself, until - well, that’s an old story, and you've got place to go, herbs to gather, bandits to kill, chimera gizzards to collect, and entire worlds to rescue from certain doom!

Oh, and it's 850 gold for resting here last night… You don't have it?! Well, there are some giant rats in the cellar…

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