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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Over Encumbered : New Job Board Quests! Part One

Welcome to Black's Bookshelf Inn! Here you can rest, replenish supplies, and undertake new tasks from our local job board. Each task comes complete with a mysterious disc - sometimes several! - and a scroll - or massive tome! - detailing the particulars of what lies ahead.
Feel free to take a look:

Inactive Quest: Dark Souls

The Dark Souls quest will kill you! Literally, you'll be cast undead into a land full of ancient danger that time has forgotten, and where you quest means little to other travelers and even less to the land itself. Though you may find a few willing to provide guidance, or even assistance, you'll be largely on your own. Combat will be fierce and death unavoidable, but great is the pride awaiting those who can find their way.
Status: Cautiously Undertaken at Less than 25%
Last Known Whereabouts: Trapped in a poisonous bog without one single poison-curing item.

Inactive Quest: Dragon Age Origins

A bold undertaking into previously unknown territory, Dragon Age will take you to a land with a deep history for a tale that promises to be the first of many. Though you may move about the world freely, much of your travel will be done along well-chosen paths. This is a world rife with treachery and intrigue, where your interactions with others will take the forefront. This and each Dragon Age task after it are a group effort, and you will be responsible for more than just yourself as you move forward.
Status: Sporadically Traversed at 25%
Last Known Whereabouts: Pursuing the great white werewolf for approximately forever.

Inactive Quest: Dragon Age Origins : Awakening

Taking place after - or maybe during? We don't really know. - the previous quest, this adventure is far too large to be considered a "side-quest" in our humble opinion. Familiar places and faces abound, and past becomes future as new friends and foes make their way into the next job on the board.
Status: Impulsively Purchased at 0%
Last Known Whereabouts: Returned to the Inn after a stay on the shelves of Wolfwood's Tavern.
Inactive Quest: Dragon Age 2

Originating during the Origins quest-line but continuing on past the completion of Awakening - please don’t ask - the fabled "second" full Dragon Age quest takes you new lands for an experience that is simultaneously more ambitious and less expansive. Travel along these roads is even more direct, but the people you encounter are much less so, and even innocent flirtation can alter your eventual destiny. You may also find it substantially more fun to kill things this time around!
Status: Seriously Endeavored at 75%
Last Known Whereabouts: Discovering that "Champion" is a rather loaded title during a civil war.

Those are the only offers we have information on right now. Pretty hefty load for any wanderer, if you ask me. Why don't you take some rest upstairs? I'll send a squire around and see if anyone else has some epic, continent-spanning, world-changing errand they need you to run. We can go over the rest then, and you can tell me which one you'd like to uselessly plow thro- er, ahem, I mean boldly undertake for the sake of us all!

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