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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Xann Black Plays... Prey Demo

The Prey franchise started as a sleeper hit on the Xbox 360, followed by a sequel which languished in development Hell - despite having one of the most awesome E3 trailers of all time - until it was ultimately cancelled.

The franchise has been "rebooted" - after only one prior entry, yes I know - by Bethesda with Arkane Studios at the helm. The trailers didn't impress me at all, but the demo...


Bryant Burnette said...

You sound pretty much like you sound in real life, FYI.

Xann Black said...

Nice! I hate how my voice sounds - it's deeper in my head - but I'm definitely going for a conversational, hanging-out kind of vibe. Thanks for watching! I've got a few more videos on the channel I may share here over the upcoming week.