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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Council of Geeks: "The Dark Knight Rises"

My original posting of this link has disappeared, so...

I participated in a roundtable discussion of Nolan's Batman films. My friend Bryant (Honk Mahfah) moderated, and then put it together all fancy-like on his blog:

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bmcmolo said...

Just posted this over at Bryant's blog and hope you don't mind my cutting-and-pasting it here as well, just wanted to get my kudos to all-participants:

"Excellent stuff, here, and now that I've seen it, I can finally comment...

First, great pics. Still chuckling over a couple of them.

Second, I have to agree on Hans Zimmer being the unsung hero of this trilogy. The music is just so perfect.

Third, I love the idea of a new film with Blake/ Robin as a sort-of Phantom of the Opera for the Wayne Home for Wayward Kids (or whatever it's called). Lots of potential, there. Obviously, not insane and vengeful like the Phantom, but just the idea of this dude hanging out in the Batcave below the orphanage and the kids having theories/ ghost stories about it.

Fourth, what a kick-ass movie. I really loved it.

I have a slight beef with pts 2 and 3, scriptwise; I felt there were a few too many speeches given to the characters that could have been cut/ were perhaps too-on-the-nose about what the character-in-question's relationship to the story/ theme is. But a minor complaint. (Similarly, I'm not much of a Hathaway fan and didn't quite buy her as Catwoman, but, as with these speeches, this didn't really take me out of the film.)

Fifth, couldn't agree more on the voice Hardy gives to Bane. I loathe Bane as a character. His backstory, his sudden and forced entry into Batman's Rogue's Gallery, his Mexican-wrestling-visual design, pretty much all of it. This Dark Knight Rises version, though, is amazing. All kudos in the world to Nolan and co.; I was dead-set against the character appearing here and wondered if I'd be the only one not to like pt. 3 because of it. Thankfully, no.

Sixth, hell yeah on Gordon not figuring it out! That cracked me up.

And seventh (though I could easily keep going), The Invincibles is the best FF movie we've got so far, if only it was FF! My top 5 superhero flicks are (revised as of last night)... 1) Batman Begins, 2) Captain America, 3) The Avengers, 4) The Dark Knight Rises, and 5) The Dark Knight. Damn, son, the amount of Awesome in those 5 movies is staggering. I don't know where Watchmen would fall, here, but I'm not as down on that one as others. I like it better than Thor or any of the X-or-Spider-Man flicks, at any rate.

I hope someone turns American Flagg into a HBO series. (While I'm riffing.)

Okay, one last one: eighth, I cracked the hell up at that Killer Croc reference in the movie. I had to explain to my wife what I was laughing about and then fight disappointment at knowing at no point would Batman fight a giant crocodile. Someone should make a Batman film, though, where he has to fight Killer Croc, and Clayface. (And maybe even Gorilla Grodd.)

Excellent overview/ discussion"